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Divine Lord Shiva and Parvati Idol with Light

Divine Lord Shiva and Parvati Idol with Light

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Product Description:

Elevate the spiritual ambiance of your sacred space with our exquisite Lord Shiva and Parvati idol, illuminated with a soft, serene light. Crafted with utmost reverence and attention to detail, this divine masterpiece radiates a sense of tranquility and devotion.

🕉️ Key Features:

Divine Illumination: The idol features a built-in LED light, casting a gentle glow around Lord Shiva and Parvati, creating a serene and ethereal atmosphere in your home.

🙏 Spiritual Significance: Lord Shiva, the destroyer and Parvati, the goddess of love, symbolize the eternal union of opposites. Their presence in your home is believed to bring blessings, harmony, and inner peace.

🌟 Exquisite Craftsmanship: Handcrafted with precision, this idol showcases intricate detailing, capturing the divine essence of Lord Shiva and Parvati. It's a true work of art.

🪶 Perfect Home Decor: Whether you place it on your altar, in your meditation room, or as a centerpiece in your living room, this idol is a striking addition to any space.

🎁 Ideal Gift: Share the blessings and positive energy by gifting this beautiful idol to your loved ones on special occasions or as a housewarming present.

🌿 Product Details:

  • Material: High-quality Wooden
  • Dimensions: Length15-Width 9-Height 22.5cm
  • Power Supply: Wired

Create a sacred corner in your home where devotion meets aesthetics. Invite Lord Shiva and Parvati into your life, and let their divine presence fill your surroundings with peace and love.

🛒 Order yours today and bring the divine light of Lord Shiva and Parvati into your home. Embrace spirituality and beauty in one harmonious masterpiece.

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